Naugatuck School Resource Officer Program


NHS Resource Officer

Officer Christopher Rinaldi /



The Naugatuck Police Department has created the position of School Resource Officer in order to provide comprehensive and focused policing services to the students and staff at Naugatuck High School. The School Resource Officer works in collaboration with the staff at the Naugatuck High School to address crime problems in and around the campus; expand crime prevention efforts; educate children on topics relating to safety, justice, and drug awareness; assist school staff in helping students with conflict resolution; and to provide by their example a positive role model for the local youth.

A School Resource Officer is assigned to the Naugatuck High School full-time throughout the school year, serving a school-hour population of approximately 1,700 persons. Having an officer in the school system has fostered greater cooperation and communication between the school district, the local youth and the police department and continues to be an asset to the community.