Juvenile / Special Investigations Division

Detective Division Commander

Det. Lt. Daniel Norck  203-720-2581  /  Dnorck@naugatuckpd.org


Juvenile / Special Investigations Supervisor

Det. Sgt. Amanda Devan   203-720-2590  /  Adevan@naugatuckpd.org


Juvenile / Special Investigations - Investigators

Det. Chip Schofield  /  CSchofield@naugatuckpd.org

Det. Robert O'Donnell  /  Rodonnell@naugatuckpd.org


The Juvenile Division investigates all child abuse, child molestation and sex crimes. We also organize and participate in all criminal investigations involving juveniles who are suspects. In addition, members of the Juvenile Division regularly monitor registered sex offenders insuring their compliance with all applicable laws.

Beyond the role of criminal investigators, the Juvenile Division will proactively work with families to try and prevent or modify behavior before a crime is committed. Detectives assigned to the Juvenile Division work closely with the State of Connecticut's Department of Children and Families (DCF) and other local and state agencies.