Accident Investigation Team

Regional Accident Team Commander

Deputy Chief Colin McAllister (Naugatuck PD) /


Naugatuck Regional Accident Team Members:

Lt. Dan Norck  /

Lt. Derek Vostinak /

Lt. Ryan Burns /

Sgt. Danielle Bailey /

(Property) Ofc Luis Martinez /

Det. Thomas McGarvey /

Ofc Mathew Savoy /

The Naugatuck Police Department is a current member of the Central Naugatuck Valley Regional Accident Investigation Team, which is comprised of officers from the Naugatuck Police Department, along with regional towns that include team members from the Middlebury, Watertown, Wolcott, Cheshire and Plymouth Police Departments. 

Team members are generally responsible for the investigation of traffic-related collisions which cause serious physical injury or death in the four-town region. Team members have specialized training in accident documentation, photography and reconstruction. The Team is comprised of highly-trained accident reconstructionists, scene investigators/photographers. 

The Regional Accident Investigation Team employs the most contemporary concepts in Accident Reconstruction, including advanced vehicle dynamics, crush and speed analysis, occupant 
kinematics, 3D animation, perception/reaction, court testimony, and evidence preservation and presentation.