11/14/2018 - 11/14/18 - **ALERT** - Car Break Ins in Surrounding Communities

The Naugatuck PD would like to alert citizens of numerous car thefts and car break ins that have been occurring in surrounding communities over the past few days. Although these break ins have not occurred in Naugatuck, there is concern that the incidents could occur.

Please help us to curb these events from occurring by staying alert to your surroundings wherever your car is parked and by calling police to look into any suspicious activity you might observe.

The NPD further reminds citizens to lock their vehicles whenever they are not in their cars and to never leave keys inside your vehicle. Car owners should also never leave cars running unattended with keys in the car, either locked or unlocked - unless your car is equipped with an auto start device that will prevent your car from being driven without a key.

Thank you - be safe and we will be here!

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