8/29/2018 - 8.29.18 - Community Cats in Naugatuck (NPD Facebook Post)

The Naugatuck PD and Naugatuck Animal Control have responded to several calls over the past several weeks concerning community cats or “Feral” cats. The NPD responded to these incidents in the City Hill / North Main area and initially located a cat that was found to be sick and died. It was later discovered that this cat had been infected with rabies. In that incident a citizen captured the infected cat after it attacked two kittens and the citizen that captured it.

Through that initial incident It was discovered that a colony of about ten community cats existed in the area. Over the past few weeks seven cats from the colony have been tested, all of whom tested negative for rabies.

It was brought to the attention of the Naugatuck PD and Naugatuck Animal control that some mis-information regarding the cat colony has been distributed via social media, including information indicating that over 10 cats have been euthanized in Naugatuck because they were rabid. Outside of the above mentioned community cat colony on City Hill Street near North Main, the NPD and Naugatuck Animal control are unaware of any other incidents involving community cat colonies or any issues of rabid cats.

In general, many misconceptions exist concerning community cats, for this reason we have posted the following article from the ASPCA that covers discusses various issues regarding community cats, particularly the difference between a stray cat and a community cat – This was an excellent read, please take a look as the article is very informative.…/shelter-…/closer-look-community-cats

The Naugatuck PD and Naugatuck Animal Control encourages citizens to notify us if they locate feral / community cats. Citizens should be hands off and should not chase after them, instead contact the Naugatuck Animal Control or the Naugatuck PD and we will assist in determining the best course of action to take.