2/16/2018 - The Answer to Todays Friday 3/16/18 Law Question of the Day is:


A home is broken into and upon returning the home owner discovers their TV sets, jewelry, video games and cash have been taken. According to Connecticut General Statute, the homeowner is a victim of:

A) A Robbery
B) A Simple Larceny
C) A Burglary
D) Love


The Answer to Todays Law Question of the Day is:

C - A Burglary

This is a classic Burglary crime – “Burglary in the Third Degree” to be specific! - According to CT GS 53a-103 The elements of Burglary in the 3rd degree are:

  1. The Actor enters or remains in a building
  2. With the intent to commit a crime therein

Many people mistakenly confuse Robbery with Burglary … A Burglary typically involves the entrance in to a structure when an individual is not permitted to be with the intent to commit a crime. Robbery is characterized by the utilization of fear or force in order to take personal property belonging to another. A Simple Larceny is the unauthorized taking of property that does not belong to the person taking it. … and A victim of LOVE is much too involved to get into here ….

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