12/19/2017 - 12.19.17 NPD CALL ACTIVITY REPORT


• **ALERT – Neighboring communities are reporting suspicious person monitoring home package deliveries – Please watch for your neighbors and try to have deliveries sent to work or places where someone can physically receive them – PLEASE IMMEDIATELY REPORT ANY SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITIES TO POLICE

• **ALERT – Please lock your cars and DO NOT leave your vehicle running with keys in the ignition – There have been numerous car thefts reported in the Naugatuck Valley area where cars have been stolen from driveways & parking lots.

The Monday 12.18.17 NPD Call Activity Report is attached with some additional highlights below:
93 Total calls
• 2 Ambulance (Medical Assist Calls)
• 42 Door & School Checks / Burglar Alarm Checks (Residential / Commercial)
• 14 Motor Vehicle Enforcement Stops
• 2 Motor Vehicle Accidents (None serious)
• No Vandalisms
• No Burglaries
• No Robberies

3 Arrests; (3 Motor Vehicle Related)

The Monday 12.18.17 NPD Shift Analysis Report:…/1509/12.19.17_Shift_Analsys.pdf