12/6/2017 - 12/6/17 NPD CALL ACTIVITY REPORT

The Naugatuck PD investigated the following incidents of interest yesterday:
• Missing Juveniles – Two 16 year old missing juveniles were located safe and unharmed
• Suspicious Activity – several days ago NPD investigated a larceny in which an individual offered to do driveway sealing – upon obtaining a $150 deposit he never returned – Suspect is a Male driving a pick up truck
• Attempted Car Thefts and car burglaries REMINDER – NPD Reminds citizens not to leave cars running or leave cars unattended with keys in vehicles – Remove all valuables or hide them out of view.

The Tuesday 12.5.17 NPD Call Activity Report is attached with some additional highlights below:
91 Total calls
• 12 Ambulance (Medical Assist Calls)
• 33 Door & School Checks / Burglar Alarm Checks (Residential / Commercial)
• 10 Motor Vehicle Enforcement Stops
• 3 Motor Vehicle Accidents (None serious)
• No Vandalisms
• No Burglaries
• No Robberies

3 Arrests; (2 Motor Vehicle Related, 1 Drug)

The Tuesday 12.5.17 NPD Shift Analysis Report:…/704/…/12.6.17_Shift_Analsys.pdf