11/29/2017 - 11/29/17 NPD CALL ACTIVITY REPORT


The Naugatuck PD investigated the following incidents of interest yesterday:

• Burglary - Residential – Tawny Thrush Rd. – Items missing from home

If anyone has information on this incident you are urged to contact the Naugatuck PD at 203-729-5221 or the NPD Confidential Tip Line at 203-720-1010.

The Tuesday 11/28/17 NPD Call Activity Report is attached with some additional highlights below:
94 Total calls
• 5 Ambulance (Medical Assist Calls)
• 38 Door & School Checks / Burglar Alarm Checks (Residential / Commercial)
• 13 Motor Vehicle Enforcement Stops
• 2 Motor Vehicle Accidents (None serious)
• 1 Burglary (Above)
• No Robberies
• No Vandalisms

5Arrests; (1 Disorderly Conduct/ Breach of Peace Related, 1 Motor Vehicle Related, 2 Warrants, 1 Interfering with Officer)

Car Thefts and Car Break ins are occurring in and around Naugatuck … DO NOT Leave your car running with keys left in the car, local car thefts have been targeted towards running, unlocked vehicles with keys left in them.
Please LOCK YOUR CARS and remove keys and valuables from them!!

The Tuesday 11/28/17 NPD Shift Analysis Report:…/1509/11.29.17_Shift_Analsys.pdf