4/17/2017 - 4.17.17 NPD Call Activity Report

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The Naugatuck PD investigated the following incidents of interest yesterday:
• Burglary – Family Market Store – Rubber Ave (Rptd 4/15/16 @ 03:32 AM) – Forced entry to door.
• Vandalisims – To Vehicles (Rptd Sat Morning) – 8 vehicles on Roughwing, Tawny Thrush and Bluebird
• Vandalsim to residence – Orchard Terrace (Rpt Sat Morning)
If anyone has information on these incidents you are urged to contact the Naugatuck PD at 203-729-5221 or the NPD Confidential Tip Line at 203-720-1010.

The weekend NPD Call Activity Report is attached with some additional highlights below:
189 Total calls
• 22 Ambulance (Medical Assist Calls)
• 53 Door & School Checks / Burglar Alarm Checks (Residential / Commercial)
• 24 Motor Vehicle Enforcement Stops
• 5 Motor Vehicle Accidents (None serious)
• 9 Vandalisms (Listed Above)
• 1 Burglary (Listed Above)
• No Robberies

9 Arrests; (2 Motor Vehicle Related, 3 Warrants, 3 Domestic Related, 1 Shoplifting)

The weekend NPD Shift Analysis Report:…/704/…/4.17.17_Shift_Analsys.pdf

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