3/7/2017 - 3/7/17 NPD Call Activity Report

Good Tuesday morning all …

Today will be rainy but mild with highs expected in the 50’s … don’t forget to turn on your headlights whenever operating your wipers, Drive slowly and allow enough space between your vehicle and the one in front of you to stop incase of sudden braking incidents ….

Prospect St - Open
Maple St - Open (One Way)

The Naugatuck PD investigated the following incidents of interest yesterday:
• Vandalism – To vehicle – Gorman Street
• Vandalisms – Multiple (Occurred over weekend) – Car windows smashed out / Multiple vehicles on Gorman St
If anyone has information on these incidents you are urged to contact the Naugatuck PD at 203-729-5221 or the NPD Confidential Tip Line at 203-720-1010.

The Monday 3/6/17 NPD Call Activity Report is attached with some additional highlights below:
146 Total calls
• 7 Ambulance (Medical Assist Calls)
• 41 Door & School Checks / Burglar Alarm Checks (Residential / Commercial)
• 32 Motor Vehicle Enforcement Stops
• 1 Motor Vehicle Accidents (None serious)
• Vandalisms (Listed above)
• No Burglaries
• No Robberies
4 Arrests; (1 DWI, 1 Warrants, 1 Domestic Related, 1 Motor Vehicle Related)

The Monday 3/6/17 NPD Shift Analysis Report:…/…/1509/3.7.17_Shift_Analsys.pdf

Have a great Tuesday everyone… We will be here!