4/3/2018 - 4.3.18 -PRESS RELEASE Juvenile NHS Student Arrested for Making Threats on Social Media

April 3, 2018

On 4/2/18 the Naugatuck Police made an arrest in connection to an incident involving a Juvenile Naugatuck High School student who made perceived threats to teachers and students of Naugatuck High School on the juvenile’s social media “Snapchat” app.

Naugatuck Police were alerted to the incident at about 10:45 PM on Monday evening (4/2/18) after the threats had been shared and received by numerous students that had shared a screen shot of the post. The Naugatuck PD received over 50 calls on the posting from parents, students and citizens who were concerned about sending kids to school on Tuesday.

The initial reporting was made by a NHS student who provided a copy of the posting screenshot to investigating officers. The student reported that they knew who the juvenile was because the student’s photo was shown in the caption with the screen shot. The post indicated that the student was “stressed out” from school and that the student “hates almost everyone”. The post went on to state “… (Expletive) teachers better watch out for me this week … I’m not putting up with any (Expletive) this week so (expletive) just the teachers, everyone better watch it”

Naugatuck Police identified the juvenile through the posting information and responded to the juvenile’s residence. The juvenile and a parent were interviewed and were cooperative with officers. The Juvenile admitted to making the posts while stressed out earlier that evening but the student advised there was never an intention to threaten or hurt anyone. It was determined during the investigation that the juvenile household did not contain weapons and that the juvenile had no foreseeable access to weapons.

Due to the alarm that was created by the posts to the public the juvenile was arrested and charged with Breach of Peace 2nd in violation of C.G.S. 53a-181. The juvenile was released to the custody of a parent pending a court date in Waterbury Juvenile Court.

As a precaution the Naugatuck Police will have an additional police presence at Naugatuck High School today and will continue to evaluate the need for any additional assistance over the next few days with the Naugatuck High School staff and the Naugatuck Board of Education.