2/22/2018 - 2.22.18 - Narcotics Sweep at Naugatuck High School


February 22, 2018



On Thursday 2/22/18 at approximately 9:45 AM the Naugatuck Police and Connecticut State Police K-9 Teams, with the direct assistance of the Naugatuck Board of Education and Naugatuck High School staff began conducting a narcotics sweep at Naugatuck High School.


The sweep request was received by the Naugatuck Police Department from the Naugatuck High School administration, asking for Police K-9 teams to assist in conducting a general sweep of the school for illegal narcotics, concentrating on the student lockers.


Naugatuck High School staff will be the primary conductors of the sweep and searches of any student lockers. Police personnel will not be taking part in the search of student lockers but instead will be present at the school in the event contraband is located.


Prior to the sweep, Naugatuck High School issued a “Code Yellow” notification to student’s parents notifying them of the details surrounding the event to prevent an unnecessary concern regarding the protect in place status during the sweep.  


Naugatuck High School has been the host to several K-9 sweeps in the past which have proven to be a very positive. Naugatuck High School, which is located at 543 Rubber Avenue has 1,248 students in grades 9-12 and there are approximately 1800 lockers within the school. All Naugatuck High School students are provided with a student handbook that document the school’s right to search school lockers. All lockers and attached locks are the property of Naugatuck High School.


The sweep is estimated to take place for less than 60 minutes. Once the sweep is concluded a “Code Green” notification will be issued and normal school day activities will resume.